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  • The spy that is mobile is free to download.

    Anyone can install the applying from our site. Without any expense, logs will likely
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    In the beginning when you login to the site, for three days you will have
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    [img][/img]If you will
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    • From Spy mobile App variation 11 for Android, you'll monitor the
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    You only need certainly to allow notification usage of Spy Phone App.
    More info on Whatsapp spy.

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    Other applications that are social

    [img][/img]As of this moment our application does not require ROOT to spy on Facebook, to spy on Viber, to spy on Skype,
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    • From Spy Phone App version 11 for Android, you'll track the messages from notifications.
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    GPS logs

    It is possible to spy on GPS logs as they are recorded for
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    Nonetheless they can also be recorded sporadically
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    In order for these logs to be accurate you need to have
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    When working with a Wi-fi or Mobile system the GPS coordinates might not
    be very accurate.

    Browser logs

    Using this application it is possible to monitor the web web browser logs
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    S5 browser), Chrome (for Android) and Safari
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    System logs

    The telephone spy application tracks shutdown or energy on logs.
    It records phone ring logs like set to vibrate or set
    to silent. It is possible to see as soon as the
    SIM card had been changed.

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